More than just a newsletter



Creating an email newsletter that people don’t just delete…

Julie Hatch is a well-known and respected real estate agent in Sydney’s inner west. She has built up a substantial database of clients over many years and wanted to send a regular newsletter to keep them up-to-date with what’s happening in the local market.

However, in the world of buying and selling houses, people are bombarded with emails from real estate agents, often promoting themselves and the number of houses they’ve sold at record prices.

So, how does an agent stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves?


Design a newsletter that allows readers to get to know Julie, with articles that provide both educational and lifestyle interest content.

Each quarter the format is consistent so readers know what to expect and it draws them in to read the latest installment.

It becomes a trusted source of regular information but also offers the opportunity to interact with Julie, for readers to share their stories or questions in an open forum.


“I met Sarah through business and when it came to organising and writing an e-newsletter for my clients I asked Sarah if she could design and write something that wasn’t just the normal run of the mill blurb – I wanted people to interact. From the first edition of my e-newsletter the results were fantastic and I continue to get positive feedback. Sarah now writes the copy for all the properties I take to market and any reports needed from time to time. Sarah’s ability to communicate through the written word is excellent and the turnaround time exceeds expectations. I am now hooked…”